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JIngeri families,

It really has been a fabulous Wednesday with our young friends.  Miss Hansani and I were joined by Ruby, Jackson, Cameron, Finley, Tairongo, Max, and Elliana.

While it is still a bit soggy outside, everything is very green. It has, however, meant that we have been indoors for the majority of the day. Max has been particularly chatty today. He is always friendly and engaging, but today he has decided to express himself as he explores the toys. He is so good at sharing his chosen interest, and often offers blocks to his friends. Ruby and Finley have been excellent company for each other, discussing the day’s events as they go along. They loved walking along the rain-covered fence-line running their fingers along the water. Finley even offered “Wet”, which was perfectly correct. Ruby thinks Finley is very funny, and she laughs along with him merrily. Tai and Jackson also had a mutual adventure in the rainy weather today, finding great pleasure in poking their bare feet through the fence to rub them in the coarse wet mulch lying beyond. The cool scratch must have been lovely, and they both dug their toes in deeper. We even took Cameron for a slow assisted walk around outside, which he clearly found a sensory delight. The unfamiliar texture of the wet turf under his feet made his toes curl, but he kept stepping along to enjoy a scenic cruise around his yard. Elliana also loves time outside, and she relaxes immediately as we head out for some fresh air. She is doing so well adjusting to the overwhelming change in her life. Our main focus now is to make her feel safe and secure while she becomes accustomed to our routines, developing the essential trusting relationships necessary for this transition. The improvement is already dramatic, so I am enthusiastic about her next visit. We will learn and grow together.

I look forward to tomorrow.