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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room with Miss. Hansani and Miss. Jessy for this beautiful Wednesday. Children had lot of fun together as we combined all the babies rooms for few hours.

Children have been responding well for all amazing setup both indoor and outdoor. Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning as they love to start their fresh morning through outdoor play yard. Finley, Max, Cameron, Jackson and Elliana couldn’t wait to explore the spaces where they can demonstrate their gross motor skills. Children have been choosing to engage with more climbing, obstacle courses and steps where they can develop their balancing skills confidently.

Finley used his words by saying ‘bubble’ and pointed out his fingers to express his interest in bubble play as they enjoy chasing and pop all the bubbles. Finley involved in blowing bubbles with Miss. Jorden today. Children engaged with nice painting session with Miss. Jessy while we were playing outside. It was a nice relaxation for their busy play.

Children have been choosing to engage with a sensory activity in the afternoon as we found a colourful red play dough. They loved to observe what Miss. Hansani is doing with the playdough. So, children chose what they love to create from the playdough. Children were so excited to make a chicken using the lid as they can demonstrate their fine motor skills through this sensory activity.

Have a lovely afternoon

Much love from Miss. Hansani