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Jingeri families,

It is difficult to imagine how we entertained ourselves before we had this wonderful front yard to run wild in. The children have already become accustomed to being able to move freely from the indoor to the outdoor space to extend their play.

Wednesday is the day we focus on the learning outcome of children having a strong sense of well-being. This allows us to develop their social, emotional and physical confidence and resilience by creating a safe and secure environment where they seek comfort if they need it. This is a fundamental principle in the early years which allows us all to establish and nurture trusting relationships. We achieve this through responsiveness to all of the children’s needs, closeness and body contact, as well as respectful predictable boundaries. As we all just hung out together today. playing ball and bursting bubbles, we did exactly that.

Jackson and Ruby have had a marvelous time playing with the balls. Ruby even came back inside to get her own shoes and hat to put on. Very independent and responsible, and very busy today. Emmett also loved the balls, but he enjoyed throwing them all over the fence to the toddlers, of course. Excellent aim. Jackson is so stable on his feet now, and he is trying really hard to be heard and understood. Max has had a great day playing with his friends as he becomes more settled and confident. He is adjusting well to this strange and overwhelming routine, and I see improvements already. Finley and Tai have been challenging each other with ball games, throwing and rolling and passing to each other. Indi also loves the balls, but she is still mostly interested in the push-cows. She plays so well with her friends and gets along with everyone. I am thrilled with the connections we are making with each other.

I look forward to tomorrow.