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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcomed Braxton, Zeppelin, Oskar, Loki, Austin, Forrest with lots of cuddles. We started our day exploring small yard with our friends from babies one. Oskar and Loki engaged with doing climbing on the wooden climbing frame while holding the wooden bars tightly. Loki started clapping when he reaches the top of the frame and Oskar also started clapping saying ‘yaaay’. Braxton and Forrest had playing with balls throwing and picking up them all around the yard laughing at each other. Austin had lots of cuddles with Miss Jess to settle in his room. Zeppelin loved watching his friends around while he was having his bottle. Then it was time to move to the big yard and everyone got so excited to explore some more challenging experiences. After we are engaging with some more obstacle courses, riding bicycles, sliding on the slide, rocking on the dinosaur, and playing with the dolls, we headed back to the room to enjoy some morning tea.

After washing our hands, we all sat down at the table nicely waiting Miss Jess to bring the food for us. We had singing ‘’Five little ducks’’ until the food is arrived. Also practiced clapping to the music while we were waiting. After morning tea, Indiana from babies joined with us to spend her day.

Miss Jess made a blue goop mixing corn flour, water, and blue colour. Then we put it on the big sensory tray allowing everyone to enjoy as their interest. Loki sat at the middle of the tray straight away and started running his fingers through goop. Braxton wasn’t sure if he wants to touch it first, once he loves touching the texture, he did not want to move away from the tray. He ended up tasting the goop. So did Loki and Oskar as well. Forrest was also unsure but once Miss Jess brought some over to him, he ended up in the tray with the other boys touching, smelling the goop. While we were outside everyone enjoyed climbing the stairs and jungle gym together, as they encouraged on another. Also, Loki loved having a go at the bikes with Forrest, they worked together by pushing one another as their feet couldn’t touch the ground. This was wonderful to see everyone encouraging and sharing with one another. One by one we each got cleaned up from all the goop which was all over our hands, feet, and cloths, got change into new ones then sat down ready for some yummy lunch.

Miss Hansani and Miss Jess would like to let everyone know about the children’s clothes today, if they are blue, it is from food colouring which was added to goop. It is also stained the children’s hands however if you us white vinegar it should help get the food colouring out of their hands.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Jess xoxo