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♥♥ HELLO BABIES 2!! ♥♥

We have had a great day today. We did some ocean sand paintings today. The children used yellow and blue paint to represent ocean and sand. After they finished the painting they pinched the sand in their fingers and put it onto the painting. This was such a great way to work on the children’s Fine Motor Skills as they had to explore and discover how to pinch the sand in their fingers and sprinkle it onto the paper. Avery and Jackson thought putting the sand onto their paintings was very funny and were laughing. Noah and Avery were saying “Wow!” We have been doing activities to do with the ocean and sea animals this week as they children have been talking about Sharks, whales, fish, and water. Noah went to Seaworld the other week with his family. We were talking about his fun day out with all of his friends and talking about all the animals he had seen whilst at Seaworld. Since then they love to talk about sharks and find the sea animals in our classroom. We thought it would be fun to spend the week exploring water and animals and activities about the ocean and the animals.

We love to hear about the fun things the children do on the weekends with their families. I am going to put a “My Family Adventure” sheet into your children’s bags once a week. Feel free to fill it in and bring it back if you go away for the weekend, see family, go somewhere for the day. This way we can talk about the fun things they did on the weekend and maybe do some fun activities during the week to enjoy with their friends.

We hope you all have an amazing evening!!

♥♥ Much Love, Miss T’arn and Miss Hansani ♥♥