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Jingeri families,

Another spectacular summer day on the Gold Coast, with the kind of weather that most people dream about. Warm sun, blue sky, a cool breeze of fresh air and the buzz of insects as our melody for it all. Our Water feature in the outdoor play area is coming to life today, with a hand-laid cobblestone path to complement the timber and metal. Fascinating!

We have enjoyed another intimate session today, with just Indi and Jackson coming in for a play. This has given them a chance to bond on a very personal level without the group to distract. This has led to some special one-on-one shared experiences. It is wonderful to see the value in both the full day of group exploration, as well as the beauty of two old friends having a day together in a place they feel very comfortable. No particular activities of interest, since everything has been used in some way today. Jackson has discovered the top shelf is accessible for climbing, so I am establishing some boundaries for what is acceptable and what is not. Indi has begun to pick up speed and is now ‘running’ around and through the tent. Safety first please, team!

We also got to spend some amazing time outside this morning to enjoy this fine weather. The children are definitely having fun in the sandpit and the tents, as am I.

I look forward to tomorrow.