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Wednesday 18th March 2020.


Welcome to another wonderful day in Babies 2. Today we enjoyed a lot of indoor outdoor play being such a beautiful day it was so nice.

We enjoyed some bubbles outside with Miss Hansani which Ruby, Elliana, Finley, Noah and Cameron all really enjoyed. We then had some wonderful and bright pink and purple playdough which was a huge hit with Tairongo, Max, Noah, Ruby, Finley and Jackson. We also did some free drawing with some of the children on some bright coloured paper with some lovely bright textas which Cameron, ruby, Tairongo, Noah and Elliana loved to participate in.


We had some fun times outside on the seesaw with Noah, Ruby and Tairongo pushing them back and forth there was lots of giggles and smiles to be had during this. We also did some sensory play with some feathers which our friends loved to tickle their faces with and to try and tickle each other with.


Conversational reading at the table was a huge hit today as well with all our friends sitting around the table and pointing out to their friends what they could see. This was a huge hit with Finley, Elliana, Max, Cameron and Ruby.


Thank you for another wonderful day in babies 2. Can not wait to see you all next time.


Much Love Miss Hansani, Miss Amanda and Miss Dominque.