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Good afternoon to our lovely families,

What a wonderful start to Wednesday it has been! In our room today we had greeted Oskar, Austin, Daris, Braxton, Loki, Ace, Olive and Bella-Rose with lots of cuddles this morning. we had been exploring the small side yard next to babies one as everyone enjoyed climbing the jungle gym, riding the bikes and reading some books with the little babies, before it was time for some morning tea. in order to get ready for morning tea we had all washed our hands and sat around the table nicely. For the morning tea we enjoyed some fresh fruits and yogurt.


After having morning tea, we transitioned to the indoor planned experiences. So, We set up the table with paints, white papers, paint brushes and play-dough cutters to engage with an art experience. So we let the children to do a beautiful free painting to honour the SES day. After we showing our painting skills, We encouraged children to dip the cookie cutter in blue paint and stamp stars and moon shapes on a white paper to celebrate the international stimulate story time. Then we set up an area outside to read a story to celebrate the space stimulate story time. Miss.Mel set up the yard with a beautiful space mat, rockets soft blocks and books. Then Miss.Mel read a book called ‘’give me space’’. Then we headed back to the room and enjoyed our lunch. This afternoon we will be having our afternoon tea outside.

Much love Miss.Jess and Miss.Hansani