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Hello families

Welcome to babies two for a beautiful Tuesday. Today Miss. Hansani welcomed all our babies in the morning. We spent most of the day doing lot of activities inside the room and enjoyed our afternoon outside.

We started our day singing twinkle twinkle little star as Elliana loves that song and Jackson enjoys singing songs. Max was so excited to make some dancing movements for the song. We will be singing more songs in coming weeks to develop our little friends’ skills.

After that We had a nice morning tea together to get some energy to start the day. Elliana had a great time with Miss. Hansani while her friends were sleeping. She was so excited to explore all the activities while walking around the room. First, she chose some wile animals to play. She grabbed a tiger and an elephant saying wraaa wraaaa…… and she also enjoyed moving the rhino and the zebra on the floor as she loves animals. Elliana was very curious to stack the rings nicely as our little friends are loving to demonstrate fine motor skills.

Cameron joined with us on lunch time to spend his rest of the day. After having the yummy lunch, some of our friends went to sleep. Jackson and Max have been choosing to play inside while their friends were sleeping. Jackson is so good on his balancing skills as he is very curious on climbing and running around the room. He loves to explore the challenging experiences. We will be doing some more challenging experiences in the afternoon.

This week, we are doing more arts and crafts. So, today miss.Hansani decided to create a nice crab using children’s hand prints. We used some red paintings, white paper and a paint brush to engage in this activity.

Have a lovely day…

Much love from Miss. Hansani…