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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room. It has been a beautiful day with our little friends. Today Miss Thais and Miss Hansani welcomed our babies in the morning.

We started our day playing outside with babies 1 and 3 friends. So, children enjoyed playing together with their push cows, riding tricycles, riding the police car, and climbing over the obstacle courses and the little steps. Ruby and Finley loves to watch the horses over the fence every morning. They pointed out where the horses are when I ask, ‘where’s the horse?’.

After the morning play, we came inside and wash our hands to get ready for lunch. Children sat together and had some delicious morning tea. Children have been choosing to feed by themselves the yummy oats and fruits.

Before having our lunch, children have been engaging with some sensory activities today. So, miss Hansani set up a sand play by putting some sand tubs. Finley loved to put toys in the sand tub. And Ruby enjoyed throwing sand around. Elliana and Jackson enjoyed touch the sand and put their feet in to the tub.

After having the big lunch, our friends went to sleep. In the afternoon, Miss Thais set up an activity outside. Miss Thais found some water mills while we were outdoor, and the children then happily worked together to pour water into the water mills and then try and catch the water in the cups as it flowed. They loved the new activity we did today.

After that we did some free drawings while we were sitting around the table outside using colour pencils and textures. Children were busy with drawing lines and dots using many colours.


It has been a beautiful Wednesday…

Looking forward for tomorrow….