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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Happy Wednesday. Today we welcome Parker, Bella, Braxton, Austin, Winston, Loki, Daris and Oskar this morning… We started our day exploring outdoor activities as our babies love being outside and it helps them to settle down in the morning. We set up different experiences in the yard so the children can choose their favourite experience to play with. This morning, Loki chose the push truck to push around the yard whole Daris was playing with the balls. Daris loves kicking and throwing balls with his friends. Parker and Bella were very interested to go on the seesaw with their friends while singing ‘’See-saw up and down’’. Oskar loved sliding on the slide and he was so proud as he could climb on it by himself.

Then we headed to our room and enjoyed some morning tea after washing our hands.. then we decided to cut all the veggies that we used yesterday for the fruit basket and make another cut veggie basket to explore. We were all busy observing and exploring the different shapes, textures, colours, tase and smell. It was a different experience which helped our babies to develop their sensory skills. Then we let them choose any kind of vegetable and offered them with four different colours to engage with a painting. We encourage children to dip the veggies in paint by themselves and create their own artwork. Also offered the wipes to clean their hands and table by themselves as they have been helping to clean their chairs and tables lately. It has been such a nice day even it was a full room today… We will be doing some more exciting outdoor experiences this afternoon including play in the sand pit….

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess