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Jingeri families,

It has been a hot and sticky Wednesday with air heavy with steam. But it is nonetheless irresistible, and we have ventured out many times into the cooler shade of our yard to enjoy a bit of nature.

Indi held her ground as the only girl today, joined by Emmett, Finley, Tairongo, Cameron and Max. It was a good day of easy play and friendly co-operation. The boys were most interested in the tub of beach sand filled with toys, while Indi drifted away to hang out in the tent. She loves it in there and invites her friends in regularly for imagination play. Tai, Finley, Emmett and Max all had great fun with a colourful crayon craft session at the easel outside, experimenting with the new way of drawing. Cameron preferred the books and cars, choosing to spend time on the mat watching how things move and make noises. They are all still developing the patience to take turns and share all of the resources, but the body language is becoming clearer as they negotiate these boundaries.

We are still concentrating on the phonetic letter C this week, so as part of our “Wellness” Wednesday we made sure to include extra helpings of Calm Cuddles on the Cushions to make sure all the children feel safe and secure.

I look forward to tomorrow.