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Miss Mel and Miss Otavia opened up the babies two room for the drop off this morning. Miss Hansani arrived at 8.00 am this morning and Miss Tatiane joined with us around 9.00am. We welcomed Indiana, Oskar, Forrest, Zeppelin, Loki, Austin, Tommy and Braxton this morning. In the morning Braxton, Oskar and Loki enjoyed Pushing cars on the floor and Clapping with the blocks this morning while Indiana and Forrest were doing the unicorn puzzle and the dinosaur puzzle. Miss Hansani helped them to find the right spot to match the puzzle. Austin had a lovely play with his mom in his room this morning and he enjoyed picking up the toys and hand them to mom. Zeppelin enjoyed to the music that we played in the room which was a nice and calm morning music. Then he got tired and wanted to go to bed.

We enjoyed some fresh fruits and cranberry crumble for morning tea. For the group time, Miss Tatiane joined with children to do some dancing, so we sang ‘’baby shark’’ and did some dancing inside. Loki, Braxton, Indi and Oskar got so excited and started to dance and clap with the music. As we spent lot of time inside, we went outside before the lunch time and we spent about an hour exploring different experiences. Loki, Braxton and Forrest loved the musical instruments and then Loki chose to go on the slide after playing the musical instruments. Braxton loved to throw balls around the yard and he absolutely enjoyed playing with the trucks, cars and planes with Loki. Indiana loved walking on the balancing bridge while Oskar was pushing the movers around the yard pointing at the horse. Austin enjoyed crawling on the balancing beam a bit and then he found the little trucks to push on the grass. As we are focusing on arts and crafts this week today we chose to engage with a painting using pom poms and yellow and black colours. Children loved dipping the pompoms in the paint and spread the paint on a white paper. We encouraged children to use two fingers to hold the pom pom to develop their fine motor skills

We Enjoyed nachos for lunch and practiced our self-help skills during the lunch time. Austin sat with Miss Maddi’s lap and enjoyed his food as he felt more comfortable to sit with his educators rather than sitting on the chair. We enjoyed Fresh fruit salad and yummy chocolate drizzle while sitting at the table for afternoon tea after the sleep time. We will be engaging with indoor free play this afternoon with babies three friends as the weather is cold and dark outside. Children practiced self help skills during the meal time by feeding themselves, putting the hats on and finding their drink bottles from the trolley.

For one on one time Miss Hansani showed Tommy around the room and had a conversation about what’s on the walls. He was really excited to look at the colourful art works on the wall. Austin had his food while sitting with Miss Maddi and showed him what’s on the plate.

It has been such a beautiful day today..

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane……