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Good afternoon families

Happy Wednesday. We spend such a nice day in babies two today. Daris, Oliver, Parker, Olive, Peyton, Parker, Charlie and Olivia joined with us to spend their day today. so, we started playing outside in babies two yard in the morning doing some climbing on the new climbing stuffs such as climbing beam, ladders and wooden bars. The older babies loved to engage with these challenging experiences with their educators help. Our little babies enjoyed playing with the soft blocks, reading books and walk and crawl around the yard.

We headed to our room to get ready for the morning tea. We have been practicing more help self-skills during this week such as use spoons, sit at the table, feed by themselves, hold their drink bottles and put their hats on. You all are doing really good babies one and we are so proud of you as you are trying hard to develop your skills during the day.

Today, we continued doing our bottle painting and dot painting with Daris and Olivia and they loved it so much. Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly decided to do some more artwork to add to our Aboriginal art wall. So, children have been engaging with a handprint artwork and colouring recycling toilet paper rolls to hang them on the walls like tassels. We are so excited to do more art works and put them on the walls so they can enjoy seeing their beautiful work every day.

Have a nice day….

Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Lilly…..

Special notice – I have added yesterday photos in today’s blog as we were experiencing some difficulties uploading pictures yesterday. Thank you …