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Hello all the families

Welcome to the babies two room. It has been a beautiful Wednesday with our little friends. We had so much fun during the day doing many activities. We spent our day playing inside, outside and doing some crafts and they could learn many things.

So, Miss Hansani and Miss Dominique welcomed all the babies and sang a beautiful good morning song. Children have been choosing to play outside in the morning as usual. Ruby and Elliana loved play with the balls, and they have been throwing it to each other. They engaged with the obstacle course too as they love to walk on it and put their feet in it. Jackson loved it too.

Today we read some stories and sang some songs inside while some friends were sleeping. They love to read and touch sensory parts of the book as they can feel it. Ruby, Elliana, Max and Jackson loved it. We did a nice craft session too. So, our little friends could choose the letters they like and sticked them on a colourful paper. We talked about the letters and let them touch and see the letters while we do the activity.

We had a nice time outside in the afternoon. Children have been choosing to do different things outside. They have been choosing to ride the see-saw, read some books outside, play with the egg cartons and riding the tricycles.

It has been a lovely Wednesday…

Looking forward for tomorrow…

Love from Miss Hansani and Miss Dominique….