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Jingeri families,

It has been a perfect Well-being Wednesday with a Ruby,Jackson, Cameron, Skyla, Finley, Tairongo and Elliana joining us for the day. And right from the start it has been totally amazing.

Our focus today has been on our Hands and all things related. This has allowed us to reinforce our Hand Hygiene routines throughout the day to enable our small humans to understand the importance of washing our hands clean. It is so wonderful to see that now most of them have evolved to the point of walking to the basins after nappy changes to stand and wash their hands themselves and then dry them afterwards. This clear developmental milestone is such an excellent move towards independence, as they begin to take responsibility for their own health and well-being.

The chatter and free-flowing movement is also an obvious change. The children are all able to choose where to go now and they intersect each other beautifully. However this physical confidence is now meaning running and climbing, so there is definitely an increased risk factor. The bumps and bruises are accompanied by the arrival of new teeth as well, meaning these quickly growing bodies are undergoing some intense recovery. We have seen a Huge shift in sleep times this week for quite a few babies, heading for a long restful sleep around midday to allow the bodies to Heal.

I look forward to tomorrow