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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two. This morning we welcome Daris, Braxton, Oskar, Roman, Bella, Loki and Zeppelin. Today we explored both indoor and outdoor experiences during the day but spent more time exploring and engaging with indoor activities as it was a bit cold this morning. we waited our friends to arrive and enjoyed morning tea with yoghurt, granola, watermelon, strawberries and blueberries. We encouraged children to feed themselves. Oskar, Braxton, Bella, Loki, Daris and Roman used the spoon nicely and demonstrated their self-help skills.

Braxton is turning one tomorrow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRAXTON. We hope you will have so much fun tomorrow on your birthday.  So babies two friends made a beautiful card for Braxton from babies two. We used yellow and blue colours with glitter and encouraged children to use a flower to create this beautiful card for Braxton. Miss.Lais did a small group time this morning to recognise the animals with big pictures. Well done Daris you made the sounds that they make when you see the pictures. While others exploring indoor experiences such as Mini colored shapes, blocks, Dolls, home corner, Soft blocks, Puzzles, Cars and train Zeppelin played with his little sensory fabric books that Miss.Nads brought for him. Also we sang some songs such as ‘’baby shark, wheels on the bus and twinkle’’ throughout the day as our babies love music and dancing. Loki had play with the musical instruments this morning and he also encouraged others to join with him. Then we brought out our sensory tray with leaves, flowers, sensory blocks, pompoms, and soft blocks to give the children an opportunity to explore different sizes, different texture and different shapes on the same set up. This also gave them an opportunity to practice their fine motor skills.

This afternoon we will be exploring some more outdoor experiences. Much love from Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess