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Jingeri families,

What a wonderful Wednesday we have enjoyed today. A chance to be grateful for some good friends relaxing together to work on our sense of well-being.

We had the company of Jackson, Indi and Finley to do some core work on on our feelings today. It was en excellent opportunity to sit Under the Umbrella and play our Ukelele. Music and relaxation will be a significant part of our play program in Babies 2 as we develop our connection between physical movement and mental health. Jackson was particular;y interested in the ukelele, trying many times to pluck the strings to produce a sound. Finley has mastered the coloured stacking discs, taking the activity to many different levels. Indi, however, is focused on everything walking. She is getting confident and co-ordinated, approaching her friends while they are playing. They are watching closely to pick up tips. An amazing day of celebrating positive vibes with our growing team, as we remember to keep our bodies balanced.

I look forward to tomorrow.