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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Bella, Oskar, Zeppelin, Loki, Braxton and Daris this morning with lots of cuddles. We set up our indoor space with stacking rings, building blocks, little shakers for young babies, musical instruments and a space for Zeppelin’s tummy time with a lama and his favourite wayne which he enjoyed so much. After we all exploring indoor experiences then we walked to the bathroom and washed our hands to get ready for morning tea. everyone knows to go and sit at the table after washing hands. This helps them to develop their self-help skills. Then we enjoyed some yummy fruits and yogurt for morning tea.

After we all got cleaned up, it’s time to explore some outdoor experiences. Loki and Oskar enjoyed sliding on the slide while Braxton decided to practice his gross motor skills and balancing skills by crawling on the balancing beam and do some walking with Miss.Jess. Daris enjoyed climbing on the climbing frame as usual as he is so proud to demonstrate his gross motor skills. Daris did not forget to engage with Bella to go on the see-saw. Bella sung ‘’see-saw up and down’’ while Daris was clapping. Then Miss.Jess found some fly swotter n to use for a artwork as we focus on fine motor skills. Miss.Jess demonstrated to use the fly swotter to create a beautiful painting. All the children had their turns to enjoy this new experience and they absolutely enjoyed. Then we enjoyed a sushi bawl for the lunch and got our tummies filled. It has been such a great day.

We are experiencing some trouble of uploading the photos again hopefully we will be able to upload the photos soon. We apologies for any inconvenience.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess