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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two. Today we welcomed Loki, Daris, Winston, Parker, Bella, Olivia and Olive in the morning. It was raining in the morning so we explored some indoor activities. Loki and Daris loved playing together in the home corner. They enjoyed putting the salad bowl into microwave and keep opening and closing the door. Winston was so excited to get on the pram. Parker pushed the pram behind with giggles. Winston was so happy and kept asking Parker to push the pram. Olivia and Olive enjoyed playing in the home corner too. Olivia loves to play with the pots, pans and the spoons. She pretended that she was cooking something in the pot. Bella found all the blocks and stacked them nicely with Miss.Jess’s help.

Then we enjoyed some fresh fruits and yoghurt for morning tea. Well done using spoon to feed yourself babies two. Then it was the perfect time to do some artworks. Winston, Olivia, Bella and Daris did the balloon painting and the shape painting. They watched Miss.Hansani first and waited for their turn. Before the lunch time we headed outside as it wasn’t rainy anymore. So we put our hats and sunscreen on and explored some outdoor experiences. We enjoyed climbing on the beams, riding bicycles, pushing the prams and sliding on the slide. It has been such a beautiful day….

Much love Miss.Hansani , Miss.Jess