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Good afternoon families!

Welcome to babies two..

Today we welcomed Daris, Olivia, Bella, Winston, Loki and Olive in the morning. We spent lot of time exploring indoor experiences today as it was rainy all morning. Bella and Olivia loved the magnifying glasses and observe the little sensory wooden blocks through the glass. Daris loved to put them close to his face saying ‘’woow’’ as he could see my face bigger. Then Bella, Winston and Loki played together in the home corner. Loki was so excited to open and shut the doors of the oven in the home corner.  Winston found the egg cartons and he thought it was fun to run his fingers inside the rough surfers. Then he started to push the trains on the train tracks while the girls were playing with the magnifying glasses. Olivia absolutely loved the little colourful fabrics we have in the room. she grabs them and put close to her face and smiles. Then we read some books and had so much fun touching the sensory parts on them.

Then we sticked some contact papers on the window and provided some shredded papers for the kids to stick them on. They extremely loved it. we put lots of shredded papers on the floor and encourage them to pick them up and stick them on the wall. Loki, Olivia, Daris, Winston and Bella engaged in this experience and loved doing this together as a team. After Olive arrived, we wanted to do some painting. Then Olivia and Daris did some finger-painting using autumn inspired colours then we all did a dot painting using Yellow, green, and red colours.

Then we did a little story time with Miss.Jess and we read ‘’the very hungry caterpillar first hundred words. Later we headed outside to explore some outdoor experiences.  Children enjoyed climbing on the obstacle courses and lift the soft blocks. It has been such an amazing day..

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Jess