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Jingeri families,

Wednesday has seen tantalizing progress in our outdoor area. What was a flat unappealing space is starting to have layers of depth and interest added with levels of timber, stone and net to entice every young intrepid explorer. The experience of the builders and designers is shining.

The young humans have delighted me with the most comfortable day of play. It is remarkable how familiar they have all become with each other. They are at ease in each others intimate space, and are playing with reciprocal games that require real sharing and taking turns. It is obviously a deeply engaging experience to bring another person into your thought processes to be able to react to their actions. The children are connecting beyond mere acquaintances now, and moving into buddies. This will deepen their experiences and reinforce their positive memories.

Jackson had his mind firmly set on mastering the push-cow. He is very vocal in his frustrations but does not give up. He is fearless in trying to get his leg over the vehicle so that he can safely ride. Persistence did pay off, though, because by the end of the day he could slide his knee over and push off to move himself along. Spectacular! Finley has been engrossed in all things stacking. He even transferred his knowledge across to the wooden blocks which he first stacked on top of each other, and then stacked them into each other.  Such lateral thinking. Indi is however the trailblazer. She is walking everywhere with confident glee. She is adventurous and enjoys having fun with her friends. A full day of gentle fun.

I look forward to tomorrow.