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Jingeri families,

Well-being Wednesday certainly has been all about wellness and health. Our Riversdale Centre has had a quick visit from the Education Department this morning to make sure everything is being done to regulation standards, and we were delighted to receive high praise.

We had six babies in with us today: Noah, Ruby, Indi, Tai, Max, and Elliana. All of the little friends have been getting on marvelously, and we have enjoyed all sorts of games together. Elliana discovered the coloured stacking domes, which kept her entertained while we all had a romp outside. She also enjoyed the stacking rainbow, but some pieces were missing so she lost interest. Noah is still charging around the space, looking for things to do. He is busy and ready for a challenge. Indi is particularly chatty today, even venturing a “Sorry!” when I called her from the tent. She is moments away from stringing it all together. Ruby was up and about today, but also found time to settle on the rug for story-time. She does love a good book. Max has been fantastic again today, finding new things all the time. He is confident and relaxed. Tai has been most interested in the big box Ruby’s mum brought in for us to add to our outdoor adventure space. He found a myriad of different ways to make it interesting.

I look forward to tomorrow.