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Good afternoon families

Welcome to babies two.. today we welcome Oskar, Loki, Winston, Daris, Bella and Parker this morning. It has been raining all day, so we decided to explore lots of fun activities inside. We enjoyed some morning tea after all our friends arrived. Then Parker and Winston transitioned into babies three room to spend some time with their new friends.

Miss.Tatiana joined with us today as Miss.Jess was away. So we built a train track by connecting little pieces on the mat with Miss.Tatiana and pushed trains on it. Oskar and loki absolutely loved pushing trains one at a time. They shared the space so both can get their turns. Well done friends. Then we built a tower using building blocks and Bella got so excited when it gets higher. She was pointing at the tower saying ‘’Look woooww, tower’’. Daris asked Miss.Hansani to grab some books for him by pointing at the bookshelf saying ‘’book book’’. Then Daris sat on the floor and started to have a look on each page.

Then we sat at the table to engage with a group experience which was a play dough time. We offered children with blue, red and green playdough with some building blocks as cutters. Miss.Tatana showed them home to make a bunny using the lid of the playdough container. Bella started saying ‘’bunny bunny’’ while Daris was saying ‘’ more more’’. Then Miss.Tatiana made those little bunnies for everyone and then showed the to use the little building blocks to make squares and circles. Loki, Oskar, Daris and Bella watched their educators first and started to press the blocks into the playdough to make different shapes. Then Daris engaged with doing his Mother’s day craft.

Much love Miss.Hansani and Miss.Tatiana