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Good afternoon families♥

Welcome to babies two. This morning Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane welcomed Zeppelin, Oskar, Braxton and Loki with lots of cuddles. We spent the morning exploring indoor experiences with babies one and three friends as usual. Zeppelin enjoyed playing with little shakers this morning while he was laying on the mat and he loves listening to the sound it makes. Braxton and Oskar enjoyed pushing cars and trucks on the floor while Loki stacking rings and engage with puzzles. For morning tea we enjoyed organic fruit toast and yummy coconut jelly with fruits

For the group time we enjoyed exploring aboriginal musical instruments. Miss Tatiane collected lots of aboriginal musical instruments and offered children to choose what they would like to play with. Braxton, Loki and Oskar absolutely loved shaking the shakers, play the drums and ring the bells. Braxton was super excited to shake them again and again saying ‘’yayyy yayy’’… As we set up the musical instrument experience outside, we continued playing outside after.

As our babies becoming more confident on developing and demonstrating their gross motor skills, we thought it would be nice to spend some time in the big obstacle course yard. Loki, Braxton and Oskar headed to the big yard while Zeppelin was having his morning nap. Braxton happily practiced some walking and balancing while he was outside. Braxton is so proud of himself since he started walking. He loved walking and crawling on the balancing beam and climbing on the obstacle courses. Oskar and Loki enjoyed more time spending close to the fence watching horses. Oskar would point at the yard where the horses live at raise his eyebrows with a smile when he could see them. Loki would clap when he can see them moving around

While we were playing outside, Miss Hansani got ready the table to engage with NAIDOC collage experience with Oskar and Braxton. Miss Tatiane helped them putting some glue on the paper and encouraged them to pick bark and sand from the tray and stick them on the paper. They absolutely enjoyed having their turns. For lunch we enjoyed Thai vegie balls and sesame noodle. For afternoon tea we will be enjoying bumbleberry crumble bars.

For one on one time Miss Hansani encouraged Zeppelin to reach some toys while he was doing tummy time. Also encouraged him to hold Little toys using his hands.

Today all our babies enjoyed the activities we set up both inside and outside. Especially they enjoyed engaging with the obstacle courses and play the musical instruments. We will be engaging with more NAIDOC week experiences during the rest of the week as extensions.

Much love Miss Hansani and Miss Tatiane…