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Good afternoon Babies 2 families! we have had an amazing Tuesday filled with lots of exciting activities throughout the entire day. We started off our morning by welcoming Liz, Finley, Cameron, Noah, Max, Thomas, Jackson, and Halle with warm welcoming cuddles. After some yummy morning tea, we wanted to have a celebration of our children’s last days in Babies 2 room as all our friends will be moving up into the big kids rooms Babies 3 and Toddlers 2. We begun the celebrations by listening to all our favorite songs through the speaker like ‘Baby Shark’, and ‘The Wiggles’ playlist of all their hits. All the children had so much fun dancing around the room and making the actions to the words of the different songs.

After our big dance party, we went outdoors as Miss T’arn has set up a fun science experiment for us to sit down and watch. As we went outdoors to sit down all the children, we so excited to see what the fun experiment was. She had set up a volcano made from sand for us to watch erupt, as we sat around the volcano Miss T’arn poured in the bi card soda, vinegar, and red dye to make it look like lava. All the children were amazed with the explosion of the volcano.

Once we did the science experiment we had a play outdoors doing activities like reading books, climbing up and down the climbing frames and playing at the sensory table.

♥♥Much love Miss Hope and Miss T’arn♥♥