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Good afternoon Senior Kindy families, today was all about white balloon day which is why we all wore white to show our support for this cause. To extend on this day and explain to the children what white balloon day represented we watched some educational videos at group time to gain a better understanding. We talked about our feelings and discussed briefly about our emotions. We also touched base on stranger danger and being aware of who approaches us out in public spaces. We watched a video on stranger danger and asked the children if it was safe to go with a stranger which they responded with ”no”.

To extend on from our group time and our interest in discovering about feelings we decided to implement another feelings and emotions activity. Miss Bec brought in some coloured, plastic balls and Miss Alicia drew some happy faces, sad faces, angry faces and surprised faces onto the balls which the children then had to sort the emotions faces into the correct matching faces baskets using tongs to transfer the balls into the baskets. This activity developed on our cognitive skills, social and emotional development and fine-motor skills. After activity time the children enjoyed a nice play outdoors and also enjoyed some dancing with our dance instructor Miss Jenny.

We hope you all have a safe and lovely weekend and we will see you all again next week, Love Miss Alicia, Miss Bec and Miss Aliyah xx