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Happy Friday Babies One!

This morning we welcomed our friends Zelia, Fletcher, Jordan, Larsson, Shayaan and Kyla joined us for her second day! We started the morning in babies three with lots of cuddles and playing with our friends from the other babies rooms.

We then came into our room to start our day. Zelia and Jordan slept while the rest of our friends had spontaneous play where the children selected what they wanted to play with. Before we knew it, it was morning tea time. Our friends enjoyed banana and and a tahini and sweet potato muffin.

To extend on with the children’s sensory interest in bubbles/water play, we made our way outside for some sensory bubble play! Miss Octavia filled up a tub with bubbly water for the children to explore. Fletcher was all over it! Splashing away and trying to climb in. Zelia was hesitant at first but eventually gently swished her hands through the water. Larsson followed Fletcher’s lead and also enjoyed splashing his hands in the water. Jordan had only just woken up so he put his hands in the water but wasn’t overly interested.

Once the children were no longer interested in the water, Miss Octavia blew bubbles! All of the children had big smiles on their faces as the watched the bubbles float away. Shayaan had the biggest smile when Miss Lauren would dramatically pop the bubbles.

We also had musical instruments set up on a mat outside for the children to explore. We played music and sang and danced with the children while they played with the musical instruments.

After all of our fun outside we went back inside for lunch. Today the children had Mexican fajita wraps and made a big mess!

Kyla is settling in beautifully and is doing so well for a second day! she really enjoyed being outside.

We look forward to spending the rest of our afternoon with the children having cuddles, bottles, naps, exploring, dancing and seeing lots of smiles!

Have a great weekend!

Miss Octavia and Miss Lauren.