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Hello all the families

Welcome to babies two room for the beautiful Friday.

So, we had so much fun with our beautiful friends all day.

We all played in the babies 1 outside yard in the morning.

Children have been choosing to play outside with the trucks, push cows and the dolls.

They had so much fun playing in the sand pit too.

And then we had our delicious morning tea with babies 1 friends. And then we came to the babies two room to spend the rest of the day.

Children have been choosing to spend outside most of the day playing with the see-saw, trucks and tricycles.

And, we did some bubbles to make our babies happy and give them a nice feeling.

We started to do some nice crafts for this Easter, so we were busy doing bunny crafts today.

Children have been choosing to use some different coloured textures

Children have been reading some books and do some dancing while some of our friends were sleeping.

Have a lovely weekend, we will see you all next week, thank you, Miss Hansani and Miss Dominique