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Great morning,

Wynter set up a restaurant in home area, and called it love heart restaurant. she created many dishes with egg being the speciality.asking friends what they wanted to eat, … all meals were served with egg.

we finished off our Mother’s Day decorations outdoors.

In the treehouse the children developed rhythm as they danced to the music. As a group they then extended this experience to incorporate an obstacle circut course, everyone contributed to ideas of things to balance on climb and sequence the direction of the course. “This is good exercise” commented Scarlet and Sienna.

Indoors the children got their envelopes and counted their Riversdale money that they had earnt for good choices. Tia had collected enough money to pick from the prize box. She chose a slime kit. Well done Tia.

Silent ball was children’s choice of game and then we transitioned to school with Limbo.

This afternoon there was steady hands, problem solving and patience as children took turns in a challenge of Jenga.

Cognitive skills were developed as children connected orbz, built towers and robots, read books and completed puzzles.

Cause and effect adding a variety of different things and coloured water had Taylah and Tia engaged in science experiments. Next week we shall extend with some other experiments.

have a lovely weekend and enjoy your family moments xx

Thanks for reading the OSHC post. Miss Lea 🌺❤️🦋