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Happy Friday everyone!!!

This morning the children had a great time exploring and engaging in the wonderful outdoor environment. The children enjoyed role playing with the keyboards as they were busy at work typing and taking notes, taking turns at sitting on the swing and pushing their peers on the swing, reading books, and practicing their balancing skills as they made their way along the obstacle course. After a busy morning the children were very hungry and as it was such a nice day we sat outside for our morning tea.Today the children had delicious fruit bread and fruit salad for morning tea. As the children served their morning tea and ate, we decided to have our group discussion about what the children would like to do after dancing with Miss Jenny. As I had mentioned to the children we were going to be learning about spiders today, they were all very eager to make some spider webs, which you will find out more about later in the post.

As we finished our morning tea Miss Jenny turned up for our dancing lesson, the children were all really excited, as it was such a beautiful morning we were able to do our lesson up in the outdoor classroom. During our lesson today we had lots of fun learning new skills and revisiting some that we have been doing over the past couple of weeks. This included balancing as we hopped from one leg to the other, musical bob down, where we were practicing our squats and stretching exercises. After our bodies were warm and ready for dancing the children all had a turn as usual to do their solo dance to Gangnam styles and who let the dogs out. This was a great opportunity to be confident, and explore and express our bodies to the rhythm of the music. We love to dance and can’t wait for next weeks lesson.

After we had finished our dance lesson we came inside for a quick group time where the children had the opportunity to learn a bit more in depth about spiders. As one of our friends was curious at group time yesterday asking some wonderful questions about spiders, I thought we could watch a video called “Don’t be afraid of spiders.” This was a great video of us to fins out some facts about spiders. At the completion of the video I asked the children some questions to see what they had remembered. These questions included                                                                                                                                   “How many body parts do spiders have?”                                                                                                                                   Austin: “Four”, Hamilton “Um two”, Liam “Four”, Sage “Six” and Layla “Five.” After going back to that point in the video we learned that it was in fact two body parts.                                                                                                                                 “How many legs does a spider have?”                                                                                                                                         Wynter: “Um eight legs.”, Memphis: “Um ten.”, Sage: “A hundred.”, Jaxon: “Twelve.” Miss Lyn “Too many.” Once again we revisited the video to find out how many legs they have as we had so many answers.                                                                    “How many eyes do spiders have?”                                                                                                                                              Angelina : “Two.”, Jaxon: “two, three.” Sage “Thousand.” we found out that they do have lots of eyes sometimes six or eight.     “What do spiders spin their webs out of?”                                                                                                                                    Milan and Memphis both commented “Silk.”                                                                                                                                  As we have done during the week with our other video, the children then had the opportunity to share any other information they learnt from the video. Liam: “The long spiders have three eyes, the jumpy ones.” Wynter: “Spiders have eight legs, that’s why they have to go on the web.” Milan “They can jump high.” Jaxon ” When they can jump.” Next week I will ask the children if their is a bug or insect they would like to find more information about, or if they would like to continue to learn about spiders.

Jaxon, was also very excited to show us some photos of his Nanny’s dog and the birds that come to her house. We were so proud of how confident Jaxon was to share these with us and the children loved seeing the photos of the animals dressed up in clothes. Thank you for bringing these in to share with us.


As our dancing lesson and group time took up most of our activity time the children just had a short time exploring in the activities that were on offer this morning. The children particularly enjoyed making their spider webs. During this experience the children used their hand eye coordination to thread the “silk” in and out of the holes to create their web. The children showed such concentration and persistence as they completed their web. This afternoon the children will have the opportunity to revisit this experience and next week we will make some spiders to go on top of our web.


The children then had the opportunity to revisit using the magnets to pick up the magnetic letters. Through this experience the children had the opportunity to identify the letters of their name and practice their recognition of other letters that they picked up.


During the morning the children initiated some wonderful play particularly in the home corner, the dolls house, puzzles, drawing and reading books.


Have a lovely weekend everyone and we cannot wait to see you all next week.

Miss Emma and Miss Lyn