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Happy Friday everyone, we hope you are having a great day. We have had so much fun exploring and engaging in a variety of experiences today. We just wanted to say a big thank you to you all for joining in for Pyjama day today, the children have really enjoyed showing off their wonderful pyjamas.

As it was such a beautiful morning outside today, we decided to once again have our morning tea outside and we went up into the outdoor playground for our morning group time. At group time today Miss Emma introduced the children to new morning song “Hello to all the children of the world”, through this song the children learn lots of different way to say hello in other languages such ciao, guten tag, konnichiwa, bonjour. Each day at group time we will start with this song and following on we will do our roll call where I will encourage the children to use one of these greetings. This is a great way for the children to incorporate other languages and expand their knowledge. We then had a discussion surrounding what we can do if we are feeling. Here Miss Emma encouraged the children to share their ideas and thoughts on what they thought they could do if they were feeling sad. The children gave some wonderful responses such as, have a hug, tell them stop it I don’t like, tell our parents and our teachers. Next week we will have a short revisit of our sad feelings, before moving onto what makes us feel angry and we will talk about what we can do if we are feeling angry. It is so important to develop the children’s ability to recognise how they are feeling, and providing them with strategies of what they can do if they find themselves feeling a certain way. After our discussion the children then chose a story that they all wanted Miss Emma to read to them, today’s choice being Thelma the unicorn, the children have really been enjoying reading and sharing together a variety of books.

After grouptime we moved inside where the children had the opportunity to explore a variety of experiences, some of the ideas for today’s set ups came from the children’s choices of which they shared at our reflection time yesterday. The children had asked for painting to be out. Here we encouraged the children to express their imagination and creativity as they created their works of art. Some of the children chose to paint pictures of themselves just like we had been doing earlier in the week, we had paintings of our Mums,  and lots of smiley faces. As the children created their masterpieces, Miss Emma encouraged the children to talk about what they had created, as one of our big focusses in the room at the moment is developing our language and our ability to have conversations with both our peers and teachers.  One experiences the children were all eager to have a turn at exploring and experimenting with the green slime, which was initiated by the children. Here the children had the opportunity to use hand beaters to mix the slime. As the children mixed the slime we talked about the colour, the texture and one of our friends suggested that we add more water to the slime. Before adding the water we talked about what we thought might happen when we add more water, one of our friends thought it might go more squishy and slimy. As Miss Emma tipped the water in one of our friends commented that it went more slimy. There was also a lot of problem solving happening again today as the children constructed roads, tunnels, and ramps for cars and marbles using the bamboo shoots and the construction blocks. I loved the way the children worked collaboratively during their play as they suggested ideas to one another and used trial an error. Puzzles were also a favourite for the children to explore this morning it was great to see the children using their problem solving skills and persevering with challenges as they manipulated the pieces into place. After we had packed away our activities for the morning, which the children did so amazing at today all helping pack away they then asked if we could do some dancing. It was great to see the children really getting involved as they moved and grooved to the music.

We hope you all have a safe and happy weekend and we will see you next week.

Miss Emma and Miss Sarah.