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Welcome to another wonderful week in the Kindergarten room. This week we begin our festive fun week. Today being Christmas decorations and craft day.

We started our day with a wonderful play outside with our friends from Senior Kindy, Pre Kindy and Vacation care. The children enjoyed engaging in water play, whoch gave them the opportunity to cool off, as it was very warm. The sand pit proved popular aswell, as the children sat together under the umbrellas making lots of delicious treats. After our play we moved inside to have some yummy morning tea which was bliss balls, fruit toast and a selection of fruits.

The children were very eager to become involved in our morning activities making there own Christmas decorations. Firstly the children had the opportunity to make snowglobes, by decorating a globe, and using their scissor skills to cut out their Christmas picture and globe. The children are doing so well with their skills, showing such confidence as they cut around each of the shapes. This afternoon we will laminate these, ready for the children to take home. The children also had the opportunity to create a star Christmas decoration using salt dough. The children did such a great jobrolling out the salt dough, then using the two star shaped cutters to make their decoration. Today we are very luck as it is so warm outside we have put the decorations outside to dry out in the hope that we can decorate them this afternoon.

Other play that occurred during the morning included Christmas inspired play dough, Here the children had the opportunity to express their creativty and imagination as they created their creations. The children added the play knives from home corner into their play, showing an interest in cutting their play into little pieces. Dress up proved popular among the boys.

This afternoon the children will have the opportunity to decorate their Christmas decorations, make Christmas cards, and of course they will be encouraged to set up their desired play experiences.

Tommorow is Christmas treat baking day number one. The children are all looking forward to baking up a storm over the next two days.

Only nine more sleeps till Christmas.

We hope you have a wonderful afternoon and keep cool.

Miss Emma and Mr Ginner