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Lots more Easter Photos to follow.

Kindergarten 1 and 2 combined today as due to the Covid restrictions some of the educators are having to isolate. Today Miss Denise, Miss Saori, Miss Vanessa and Miss Ana were in the room with your children and what a great day we all had together.

We started our morning outside, having a big run before the predicated rain came down.  When we came inside, we sat on the mat ready for roll call, all about today and a story.  Of course today our story was about the Easter Bunny.  The story was about how the Easter Bunny needed some help, so he created a competition to find the best Bunny helper.  Some Australian Animal friends tied for the competition and helped the Bunny to create the best Easter ever!!  The children listened so well and loved the story.  We carried the theme into our activity time, with the children creating lots of Easter Artworks for the Easter Bunny to see, so he knows we are already for him to come.  Hopefully all his helpers are ready because we all created some amazing things…we are all certainly ready.

We did indoor, outdoor play.  Miss Denise took a group of children outside to do some cutting and pasting, focusing on numbers.  As it was such a popular play space we added some Bunny drawing, the children had to discover what was missing from the bunny.

Inside the children chose to play in home corner, the art corner and on the mat with the lego.  At the tables Miss Saori set up a painting and collaging activity.  We wanted to make an Easter Bunny Hat, so we painted some ears, ready to connect to a cardboard strip to make our hat, almost everyone completed this activity.

When we started to pack away. we could not believe when we heard a knock on the door, it was the Easter Bunny…we were so excited and sat quickly on the mat ready to have our turn to say hello to the Bunny.

Thanks Kindergarten for a great day,

Miss Denise, Miss Saori, Miss Ana and Miss Vanessa


Morning tea – yogurt, passionfruit sauce, banana and muesli

Lunch: falafel wraps with salad

Afternoon tea: Fruit and raw chocolate brownie bites