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Happy Friday everyone!!

As we started this beautiful day exploring our playground, Kindergarten class joined on the mat for our group time with Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana. We completed our daily calendar and played a whiteboard game that allowed us to practice learning our address. We then had an open discussion on what activities were in store for us today and keep the children in a steady routine.

After re-energizing our bodies with some morning tea, Kindergarten 1 enjoyed their morning amongst the classroom environment. As well as having a chance for the children to have free-choice play and excel in their interests, today we engaged in some planned activities that reflected recycling and all the areas that we have focused on this week. Kindergarten continued to participate in building our compost bin and getting creative with some recycled artwork pieces! 

Another activity that we really enjoyed today was our little writing task. We assigned each child a member of the class to write a letter to. Skills like practicing our pencil grips, recognizing and forming different letters, fostering positive relationships between each other, building confidence, self-esteem and belonging were targeted within this activity. They did a great job and this activity has really helped build a sense of identity as the children learn facts about where they live and how that fits into the environment they move around in. While learning the address there was also lots of opportunities to recognize letters and numbers and because they are personal it might make the learning experience more effective.

It was then time for us all to pack away the room and join for our weekly Funky Feet lesson! Today we were full of exciting energy, laughed and danced with our friends and teachers. We love a good dance party 🙂

Before getting ready for a quiet rest time, Kindergarten got to participate in a quick Sports and Movement session with Mr Andrew. Today we did lots of tennis games and made sure we drank lots of water too. It was then time for us all to transition inside to have some lunch; it was delicious!

Thank you so much friends for a fabulous Friday, we hope you all have a safe and lovely weekend 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana