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What a fantastic week we have had in the Kindergarten 1 classroom! Let us share with you what we did today on a wonderfully sunny Friday.

We have been exploring some new resources in the outdoor areas such as the connector blocks that Denis was using as well as some other STEM resources with wooden planks and pegs. Obstacle courses are still some of the most fun activities in the outdoors at the moment, the children love challenging themselves jumping over hurdles, into hoops and off the tall ramps.

As we came indoors for group time many of the children revealed that their letters had arrived so we had a small presentation to show off our letters and talk about who gave them to us. This has been a wonderful activity for learning about our address, the postal system and also a kind way of connecting different children in the classroom.

In celebration of “International Day of Families” (actually tomorrow May 15th) we made paper chains of our immediate families. We carefully folded the paper and the teachers cut out the shapes and afterwards the children coloured in the people and decorated them in different ways to look like their family. While doing the family we also discussed wider families like our grandparents, aunties uncles cousins and any other important people in our lives.

We also began some more work on our friendship posters by cutting and gluing our faces onto the posters we mad earlier in the week. Next week we plan to get all the friends to place thumbprints on the pages with quotes about what they like about their friends and peers.

We had a small visit to the worm farm to give them some of our meal scraps to ensure they had enough food over the weekend and Lily, Charlie and Willow spotted plenty of worms in the farm that all wanted to hide as soon as the top came off.

We also got to play in the double slide playground by the carpark for a little bit today as something a little different. The children enjoyed exploring the tall trees, racing each other down the slides and checking out what the babies and toddlers were up to in their yards as well. Marlie Emi, Indi and Carter enjoyed the “caterpillar game” where they had to work together to get the hoops from one side of the yard to the other.

Thanks for joining us toady and have an amazing weekend. Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

P.S please remember to bring your child’s sunhat to Kindergarten as they cannot play outdoors if they don’t have one. If the Kindergarten one is missing a new one can be purchased at the front desk or a wide brimmed hat can be brought from home with a name on it. Thank you