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Happy Friday Riversdale families!

Kindergarten 1 has had an awesome start to the day, soaking up as much vitamin D as we could this morning, settling into our Friday.

Once we joined on our mat for a morning group time, we all welcomed and acknowledged one another like we do every morning for an inclusive start to our day 🙂 Mr Andrew focused on learning sign language today and singing a new alphabet song which helped us recognize and sound out each letter. We have really concentrated on letters and the alphabet this week as the children learn to know and write their names. He then wrote a letter on the whiteboard that starts with each child’s name. That child would then recognize their letter and go to wash their hands to then have some morning tea. This was a very effective way for our friends to learn as well as transition smoothly into morning tea!

During our mealtime, Kindergarten was very independent today with self-serving their own food. We even washed and packed away after ourselves and it is awesome to see us all show initiative and forming good habits in life. Well done friends 🙂

This was then followed by a big play within our classroom environment. The areas and resources that we have been exploring in has been a very positive experience in each area. Miss Tatyana and Mr Andrew are always looking for ways to improve the classroom environment for the best possible experience, and each space is unique and has its own intentional teaching purposes! It is great to observe the children excel in all areas!

As well as letters and names, Kindergarten has revised on number recognition. Today we played a quick little number card game that helped us identify numbers and count. Another area that we have consistently focused on this week is our Science corner! extending on from yesterday’s interest, Kindergarten joined in a circle for an interactive activity involving our magnets. Miss Tatyana gathered different objects around the classroom on a tray, while Mr Andrew went around the circle asking each child if they could predict if the object is magnetic or non magnetic; discussing different materials and its properties. All of our predictions and observations were quite accurate and they all did a excellent job!

After packing away our toys, we all gathered on the tables for a little cooking experience to make some cupcakes! We listened to instructions and helped prepare the cupcake mix for the oven. Thank you Tanner and Joey for bringing in some fun cupcakes. We all sang Tanner a Happy Birthday and Joey a Happy Last Day, then got to enjoy some cupcakes after our afternoon tea! We will miss you Joey and wish you all the best on your last day! And we hope you have an awesome birthday Tanner!

It was then time for us all to get ourselves ready to fill our bellies with lunch and have a quiet rest.

Thank you friends for a happy week and fantastic Friday! We you hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana