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Welcome to the Kindy 1 blog on this nice and sunny Friday!

We began our day together in the Kindy 2 yard where we played the “dragon” game, we had to stand in a circle and roll the ball away from our “caves” so we didn’t wake the dragon, if it went into the cave the dragon would wake up and try to eat the children, to get safe they had to run to the fence.

Our other outdoor game was “meteor” dodging. The children lined up and tried to crash their meteors into one of the “dodger’s” spaceships. This game tested throwing and dodging skills and afterwards all the children gathered together in the circle to dodge the educators meteors.

Indoors we had a few different games and here are the main ones the children enjoyed

  • Ollie F, Carter and Tanner – bouncing and throwing their table tennis balls into the bucket in different ways
  • Ellie, Chi, Maia – a guessing game using cups and mini toy animal figurines, recording our guesses in a table
  • Zane, Floyd, Denis – hairdresser roleplaying with toy wooden scissors, play money as well as shop roleplays with the food and plates
  • Marlie, Oliver P, India – Making posters, cutting shapes and placing them in envelopes
  • Emisyn, Charlie, Summer – colour card matching game, matching coloured cards and the words, developing quick sorting/categorising skills and letter recognition

All the children enjoyed some dancing with Miss Jeni where they practiced balancing, synchronizing with others and building confidence to move in front of their peers. Dancing is so great for confidence, physical skills and building relationships.

In the afternoon we had a rotation of different activities including washing the dishes, dinosaur free play, alphabet flashcard activities, water colour painting and pouring and sand writing activities. During these rotations there are so many different skills being learnt including social skills to manage resources together, letter recognition, fine motor skills to be precise with pouring and writing and building a sense of responsibility with the dishes and sweeping of the class.

Later we plan to get the children to write their own story each contributing a line to the story to make it personal. The children love revisiting these stories and it gets their critical thinking skills going to integrate information that others have added and make a coherent part to their story.

Thanks for joining us today and we will see you next week!

Mr Andrew and Miss Lara