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Happy Friday everyone!

Today was an inside day as it was raining on and off. We got to spend the whole day with our Kindy 2 friends and made the most of an inside day!

During our group time, we completed our daily calendar and Mr Andrew showed us a whiteboard game – the Tooth Fairy number game! This reflected on the Tooth Booth Dental Show that some of us got to experience yesterday. The children had to help the fairy find the correct tooth by recognizing which number she needed, another fun way to extend on the learning from yesterday as well as practice number recognition. We then transitioned into morning tea, followed by free-play within the classroom environment.

In kindergarten today, we engaged in many of our favorite activities and games, as shown in the photos 🙂 We loved our water-color painting of our dental pictures and lots of role-play and building! We even focused in our Science area for some measuring and weighing activities that we have explored throughout the week. We look forward to seeing what else we will focus on in next week’s Science area!

Our Kindergarten friends got to play with the dental kit that has lots of features like a mouth with removable teeth, mouthwash, injection needles, mirrors, scrapers, drills and pliers. We also played a fun game called the rainbow teeth challenge! The children used a sieve to search for as many rainbow teeth as they could find in 1 minute with a prize for the winner! The game aims to develop imagination and creativity and also fine motor skills to scoop and sieve through the sand to find the rainbow teeth, developing persistence skills and practicing competition in a healthy way. It was a perfect extension on today’s focus and the Dentist show! We had lots of fun 🙂

Soon it was time for us all to attend our weekly Funky Feet lesson with Miss Jen! We danced and laughed to all of the fun actions and music together, it was such a happy experience for everyone!

It was then time for us all to fill our bellies up with lunch and prepare for a quiet rest. Thank you Kindergarten for a fabulous Friday and a great week!

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend, see you all next week 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew, Miss Tatyana and Miss Jade