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Hello everyone,

Happy Friday and welcome to our last day for the week here in Kindergarten 1!

Today was super calm and full of happy energy as we came inside. For group time, we completed our daily calendar and read a special story that reflected the importance and the relationships between a girl and her family in different ways. We also got to be the audience for Zane as he showed us and brought back Bob the sloth from their adventures together. It was awesome to see all the children giggle and be interested in what they got up to. Thank you Zane for sharing!

We then transitioned to the bathrooms with a game that required letter recognition and spelling with Miss Tatyana. Once we could recognise our names and unscramble the letters on the board then that person was able to wash hands and self-serve their morning tea. Here in Kindergarten we aim to practice little games and exercises like this in every way and make it an embedded practice so that there is always learning involved.

Following that, Kindy class began their classroom activities. Today we focused on a little map activity that reflected our previous interest of addresses and our excursion to post our letters. We were all excited to memorize our addresses to then put into Google Maps and spot our houses. This made the children very excited that they could visually explore so we decided to make maps of our own! We got to pin point our address on the map of Gold Coast, attach a string and a picture of our faces to it. Next week we will look into extending on this and further learn about how a map works and how to read one. This activity helped to build a sense of belonging and be more aware of their world around them and the community; as well as introduce the concept of maps and locations.

Kindergarten friends enjoyed many of their favorite classroom activities and playing with their peers, but also got to engage in some fun games and activities with their teachers. One of them was a blindfolded drawing game. This was an activity that helped to focus on spatial awareness and understand how our bodies are and how they move. This was also great for us to use our imaginations and really have some fun together!

After helping one another pack the away the classroom, we all made our way outside for our weekly Funky Feet lesson and also a quick sports and movement session. Today Miss Jen taught us some cool moves and played lots of dancing games. Mr Andrew then allowed us to participate in a bean bag catching game. Throwing, catching, teamwork and communication was key for this activity; we did a great job!

It was then time for us all to fill our bellies up with lunch and rest our bodies for the remainder of the day.

Thank you Kindergarten 1 for a fantastic Friday and we hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana