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Hello Riversdale families,

Happy Friday!

After a big play outside to start our day, waiting for all of our friends to arrive, Kindergarten made their way inside to classroom to join for a morning group time. We welcomed one another and our educators using sign language today! The children have really enjoyed being able to express different themes in sign language like emotions, animals, colours and days of the week. Hopefully it increases their ability to accommodate children who are hearing impaired in their future lives and also understand people have different ways of communicating. Gestures can often be more powerful communication methods than words so the educators use sign language for everyday commands and objects like “sit down”, “hat”, “drink bottle” to help reinforce the message.

Today we had lots of kind and sharing moments. The children sat nicely on the mat as Denis shared his special item from his dad’s office. It was a special sticker with his name on it! Denis did well to answer all the children’s and teacher’s questions and he decided he wanted to stick it here at Kindergarten near the lockers. Shortly after Marama arrived with some beautiful flowers that she handed out to her friends. We have been trying to look towards nature for a lot of our painting insipration (like the wild animals yesterday) and these were perfect for us to set up in the tree house where we had some nice painting circles where we talked about the colours and shapes and there were some wonderful interpretations of the flowers in a vase so well done Kindy kids for showing your creative and artistic skills!

Other activities we enjoyed we enjoyed today included:

  • Making “finger family” props of Australian animals to use next week
  • Playdough shapes and “food” making with the toy animals – discussing what they might eat
  • Adding some pictures and documenting the children’s feelings and learning about the “deadly animals” show in our classroom “floor book” (which the children can pull out at any time to revisit their learning)

In the afternoon we plan to introduce the food sticker chart to encourage some eating of a wider variety of foods here at Kindergarten and hopefully begin discussions about the links between food, health, growth and mood. We will also do some number games in the tree house as the children are doing really well at learning their 1-10 numbers and beyond thanks to our daily calendar.

Thanks for joining us today and have a lovely weekend!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana