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Hello everyone, welcome to our Friday blog for the Kindy 1 classroom. We had a smaller class today and it was great to see some different friendships blossoming and the children having more time and space to explore all the activities.

We enjoyed our early morning in the Pre-Kindy class, double slide playground and then later in the Kindy 2 yard where tennis, bug hunting, hula hooping and block building were the most popular activities.

As we transitioned to the Kindy room we called our roll and played a guessing game to see who wasn’t here today. The children did well to figure out all the names. We also changed the calendar and talked about the big event happening today. The Olympics opening ceremony! We discussed the different events and sports and talked about what we will be doing next week.

On that theme we painted some medals that we will hand out to our mini athletes next week. We also enjoyed other free painting activities and even had a go at making the Olympic logo by dipping the ends of cardboard tubes in paint and pressing it on the paper.

As our playground was getting renovated we enjoyed some more indoor play with some resources from the prep rooms like magnetic marble runs, various board games, sand timer equipment, card games and of course some playdough.

Thanks for reading our blog today have a lovely weekend everyone!