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Happy Friday everyone!

Kindergarten 1 started their day playing with their Kindy 2 friends in an indoor/outdoor environment. We transitioned into our classroom to start the day off with a happy morning group time!

This mornings group time consisted of completing our daily calendar and a counting song that Mr Andrew showed us, which helped us identify our numbers in a positive way.

Our Kindergarten friends then went to wash hands for morning tea and self-served themselves some fresh fruit and sultana bread. We were then able to enjoy our inside free-play!

Amongst the classroom, Kindergarten engaged in some fun table and classroom activities. There was lots of of magnetic tower play, home-corner play and a special coloring in activity that Marama had brought for the class; thank you Marama 🙂

Today, we used our thinking hats as we were introduced to a new game called the Memory Game! This one on one activity consisted of a box with a number of different objects inside and our observation skills. The educator would ask the child to tell them or describe what they see in the box, and would have a little discussion about it. The educator would then hide the box and ask that child to name as many objects that he/she could think of in one minute. This activity allowed the children to build on skills like problem solving and memory. It is also excellent for developing vocabulary and language skills through naming and describing the objects. They did a great job!

We then got a visit from Miss Jen for our weekly Funky Feet lesson! We danced to some groovy songs and followed her actions well. We were full of excitement and enthusiasm today, what a blast!

It was then time for us all to prepare for lunch time, fill our bellies up and have a quiet rest ready for the remainder of our Friday.

Thank you friends for a fabulous Friday and perfect end to the week! We hope you all have a safe and happy weekend 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana