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It’s Friday and the end of the Kindergarten week. It has been a nice quite Friday here in the Kindy 1 class with the children exploring lots of different activities and group games.

We began our day together in the senior playground where the educators set up a couple of huge jumping ramps to test the children’s skills. One ramp had a bar that the children had to jump over just like in the high jump in the Olympics. This one was a little more difficult than the other ramp and required lots of bravery and great jumping technique. Well done to Kaylee who eventually mastered the high jump herself after working hard to practice and build up the courage. The other ramp was a big tall one with lots of space on the crash mats to land. The children went for height, distance and also showed of some cool freestyle tricks like star jumps and spins.

As we came indoors we had a special surprise! Bob had arrived and was sitting ready on the chair to tell us all about his adventure at Emisyn’s house. Emi told us all about it and said her favourite part was driving with Bob on the boat that Daddy built.

Our main indoor activity was threading and tying string through our leaves with our names on them to complete our family tree. We also talked about the different totems that the children chose for themselves with their families, there were such a range of different animals and aspects of nature. Hopefully we will be able to display this soon with the children to help build that sense of belonging to the centre.

Miss Jeni arrived for Funky feet dancing where the children began their practice for a potential show at the end of the year how exciting! The children showed such great confidence to move their bodies and copy all the moves and also when they had to do their solo dances on stage. Well done Kindy kids.

We headed outdoors again before lunch where the children played some more bean bag games including one of their favourites “doctors and germs”. The germ-master has to try and hit the children with the germs (beanbags) and when they get hit they must lie down and pretend to be sick. Then the doctor comes over with their magic medicine ball and taps them on the tummy so they can get up and join the game again. This is a great game for developing gross motor skills like throwing, running, dodging and also great for confidence and working together to follow the rules of a game.

After that game concluded we also practiced some more tennis skills seeing who could hit the most bean bags out of 10. Here are some of the scores. It was great for some of our Friday crew to do some tennis games as they aren’t here on Tuesdays with Mr Trevor and his tennis lessons.

  • Denis – 7
  • Charlie – 6
  • Tanner – 7
  • Oliver P – 5
  • Emisyn – 7
  • Carter – 10

In the afternoon we enjoyed some quite time with puzzles, books, playdough and drawing. We also plan to watch a video about reconciliation week and create a big shared artwork where we can also display our acknowledgement of country.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you all next week!

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana