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Happy Friday Riversdale families!

We began our last day for January at Kindy amongst our yard, playing with all of our senior building friends 🙂

As we came inside, we all joined on our mat for a morning group time. Mr Andrew allowed us to complete our daily calendar and we are getting so good at recognizing our months, days and understanding what the weather is like around us. Children can familiarize and grow their learning on anything as long as there is positive consistency 🙂

After also completing a letter recognition game for us to transition into the bathroom, we all joined on the tables to self-serve some delicious yoghurt, jelly and fruit for our morning tea. We then washed our plates and packed away, ready for some play time. Our Kindergarten friends are getting so familiar with our morning routine and we love seeing their initiative and self-help skills!

We then dived into all of our favorite areas that our classroom has to offer. Our friends very much enjoyed some role-play and home-corner fun! We loved our fine-motor practice activities, our puzzles and drawing. We even loved seeing the children act like the teachers and pretend to do the same group times and daily calendar! It is awesome to see them demonstrate and role-model what they see from their educators 🙂

We also did an activity which followed on from yesterdays book. We expressed ourselves on the sheet of paper that said “When I grow up…”. For those of us who didn’t get to complete it yesterday, we discussed our dreams and what we wanted to be or do when we are older. Some of our answers were awesome! Good job friends 🙂

It was then time for Kindergarten to pack away our room and head outside for a quick physical activity game. We participated in some obstacle courses and balancing games. We love our little physical activity time! 

Following on from that, we all made our way back inside to prepare ourselves for lunchtime and a quiet rest.

Thank you Kindergarten for a fabulous week! We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana