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Welcome to the end of the Kindy week! We wish all the Father’s and special people in the children’s lives a wonderful day this weekend and we hope you enjoy/enjoyed our sports afternoon today.

On Friday’s we often have a smaller classroom which makes it possible to have plenty more 1-on-1 time or even some play in small groups. Mr Andrew did some more conversational reading with the children and tested out their memory and critical thinking skills with some questions at the end of the stories. We also continued our zoomed in picture quiz to see if the children could figure out what the pictures were from the subtle visual clues, this activity was a great success and the children waited with suspense to see what the answers would be. Once again this was a great activity for testing critical thinking skills to figure out the clues.

We also made a card for Miss Jess who we have missed this Thursday and Friday and we look forward to seeing her back next week. The children added their names and a small picture. We have been practicing lots of writing and drawing skills recently and the children are improving their skills all the time.

Soon it was time to get grooving with Miss Jeni during the Funky Feet dancing lesson. We have been practicing our usual songs and routines and afterwards had a huge boys vs. girls dance off! Well done everyone who showed such confidence to show off their moves and Miss Jeni said the boys might have just edged it today.

Outside we had a blast with all the educators offering different activities, Miss Connie had a lovely reading corner going under the tree where kids could come and go and follow along with the stories, Mr Andrew had a ramp leading to the basketball hoop and was using the chalkboard to count scores and also give bonus points for trick shots, Miss Alicia had the children telling stories and singing on the swings and many enjoyed their own play in the sand pit and on the obstacle courses.

Afterwards we had a huge tidy up of the playground so it would be ready for our sports afternoon. There was some amazing teamwork and initiative from the children so well done Kindy class for showing such enthusiasm and helpfulness.

In the afternoon we set up some different activities at the tables and rotated around the classroom, the activities included:

  • Rubber band portraits on the peg board
  • Lego constructions
  • Sorting artwork into learning journals/art folders
  • Clay modeling
  • Plastic marble run creations

Thanks for joining us today and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mr Andrew and Miss Lara