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Hello everyone,

Happy Friday!

Kindergarten had a happy start to their day welcoming all of their friends and educators. We then joined on our classroom mat for our morning group time.

Kindy class completed our daily calendar and read the story ‘Let’s Learn Sustainable Living’ and ‘Reduce Reuse Recycle Rethink’. These books helped us extend on our learning and focus of the environment and living things that we are doing. We also sang some songs and transitioned to wash hands and have some morning tea.

After morning tea, Kindergarten explored many of their favorite classroom activities today. We loved the building blocks and making tracks for our marbles to roll down. We also played amongst some puzzles and games and this week week has especially loved practicing our life skills through our scooping, pouring, tying, using tongs and buttoning up. This has been great for the children to learn skills that we use in everyday life.

During play time, we all got to experience a special Sea Creature activity that we called “cleaning the ocean”. To extend on the special Ocean show that we attended earlier this week and help prepare for our Clean Up Australia Day, Kindergarten got to participate in saving sea creatures from the rubbish in the ocean. The children got to use nets and tongs to clean the “ocean” from rubbish and recyclable materials and had to sort them into the correct bins. We learnt about how rubbish and waste affects ocean life and help them understand their role in keeping it clean, as well as form an appreciation for ocean wildlife. We very much enjoyed today’s focus and activity and learnt lots along the way 🙂

After that, we all joined for a fun Gymnastics and Sports and Movement session. We continued to challenge ourselves physically and even got to have a little dance party of our own as Miss Jen was sick today for our Funky Feet lesson. It was full of fun and happy energy today!

It was then time for us all to fill our bellies up with lunch and enjoy a quiet rest. We hope you have all had an awesome Friday and have a safe and happy weekend!

NOTE: Kindergarten educators would like to remind parents if they could please remember to bring in the permission slips for Monday’s Clean Up Australia Day activity. We would also like to know if any of our parents would be interested in attending alongside us; You are more than welcome to. Thank you 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana