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Welcome to today’s blog everyone and Happy Friday!

Today we started our day with some awesome outdoor activities that were set up for us to enjoy on this beautiful day! Some of us got to enjoy a little water play and games as we waited for everyone to arrive. What a fun start to our day 😊

We then made the transition inside for our morning group time and a little insight on what was in store for Kindy 1 class. This morning for group time we all paid attention to our friend Kaylee telling us all about her adventure with Bob the sloth and showing the class what they got up to together. Thank you Kaylee for sharing, I’m sure Bob the sloth very much enjoyed his stay 😊

Kindergarten then washed hands and had their morning tea, before getting ready for our little excursion! We went over some safety precautions and reminders and made sure we all had hats on, our safety wristbands on and each were wearing a yellow excursion shirt. We were put into groups with one educator per group and made our way to visit the post box.

We were all very eager to visit our local post box and post our letters to our home addresses. We then spoke about the process of mailing and we each tried to guess how long it’ll take to arrive at our homes. We then got to stop by the local park and all enjoyed a quick play. It was a lovely excursion and Kindergarten all listened and followed instructions very well! The educators were very proud!

Back in the classroom, we all made sure we had a big drink of water and made our way to the tree house for our weekly Funky Feet Dance lesson! Today we boogied and let out all of our energy out through dance, movements, actions and songs! Dance class always brightens up our day 😊

It was then time for us to prepare the classroom for quiet rest time and to fill our bellies up with some tasty burgers and salad for lunch today.

Thank you friends for a very special and fun Friday! We hope you all have a happy and safe weekend filled with love; especially for all of our mums on Mother’s Day! Kindergarten 1 would like to quickly wish all of our beautiful and strong mums a very Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday! We wouldn’t be our special selves without you and we are each very lucky!

P.S. There is a sign up sheet on the front of the Kindergarten 1 classroom door for our Parent Educator interviews that are being held on Tuesday 1st June and Wednesday 9th June. Please feel free to fill in a time slot that suits you before it is taken up. Thank you.

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana