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Hello everyone,

Happy Friday! We hope you have all enjoyed your day so far!

Kindergarten 1 began their day with a lovely group time. We completed our daily calendar and read a special story today that reflected kindness and courage. We also spoke about kindness scenarios and how we might resolve conflict in the classroom. This was a great conversation to have as a class and get the children to make better choices, understand and listen to the other persons feelings as well as their own, learn to communicate their thoughts and feelings and extend on their problem solving skills.

We then made a transition into the bathroom to wash hands and get ready for some morning tea. It is awesome to see the children use their self-help skills and independence with serving their own food, packing away and washing up after themselves. Good job Kindergarten 🙂

After morning tea, we began our classroom activities for the day. Kindy class engaged in a range of activities such as a shopping game that involved food, price tags, money, counting and our thinking hats. We really enjoyed going grocery shopping with our pretend money as it helps us with real-life scenarios and better understand the concept of money.

We also loved our arts and craft area this morning as well as lots of home-corner and imaginative play! We even continued on our card activity that we’ve been doing with Mr Andrew. Some of us got to pick a card from the deck and try and draw that exact card: the color, number, symbol and the amount of symbols on that card. Our concentration, recognition, pencil grip and drawing skills thrived in this activity!

To extend on our Science topic of the week and the making of our classroom volcano, Kindy class got to do a little science experiment today! We were super excited to see what was going to happen. By using a little baking soda and vinegar we learnt the process of making the volcano erupt and imagining the lava! We also had a big class discussion on how it works, what will happen and other open ended questions to allow them to better understand and encourage their reasoning, thinking and communicate their thoughts. We had so much fun exploring and learning more about volcanoes this week!

We then got to participate in a quick sports and movement session with Mr Andrew. We practiced lots of throwing and bouncing and gross-motor skills through games and shooting a basketball into the target net.

It was then time for lunch and to have a quiet rest, ready for the remainder of our Friday.

Thank you everyone for a fabulous Friday, it was a perfect way to end our week! We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable weekend 🙂

Kind regards,

Mr Andrew and Miss Tatyana

P.S we are going to start our Home Reading Program in the upcoming weeks so we need families to purchase a small folder that they can put the books and worksheets in to take home. This is optional but is a very powerful way to get your child to understand letters, printed words and their meaning, and also how to think critically about what’s going on in a story (look up the 3S reading strategy or the Abecedarian approach to conversational reading)