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Happy Monday everyone! We hope the weekend was fill with fun and relaxation. Today has been a bright sunny day and the children have been bright, happy and busy with all the different activities we have had today.

Early this morning we gathered in the double slide playground for some fun among the trees, climbing them, playing tag between the levels, ball games and hoop games. We came indoors for group time where we read a story and called the roll.

Our planned activities today included:

  • Chalk obstacle course – children had to jump, hop, balance their way along the course while stopping to do challenges like star jumps, burpees, avoiding the snake, touching the stars on the wall, naming colours/objects or animals and lastly finishing with singing a song
  • Block counting games – making towers with certain amount of block to match the numbers, doing some shop scenarios and games adding the blocks together and simulating notes, coins and change
  • In the afternoon we plan to do some sketches of each other’s faces in groups of 2 as an extension to our self-portraits the other week

More spontaneous activities included playdough, drawing and placing items in envelopes, counting the money fundraised for white balloon day and using our electronic scale to weigh different objects.

We also had our Kindergarten photos for all of our kids today so if your child attended they have had their photo taken already.

In the afternoon we plan to have Milly share her Bob the Sloth adventure with us before we split into two groups to do sport and movement and music sessions with focuses on cricket and learning some new songs.

Thanks for reading our blog today.

Mr Andrew and Miss Jess